Submission Guidelines

Following are the Submission Guidelines for the interested Candidates who wish to submit their Research Paper / Original Research Based Paper for the Online  Peer Reviewed Journal ‘Gandharvam’ Published by Sachin Debbarman Memorial Govt. Music College.

1) Before beginning the Article ,an abstract of  not more than 250 Words should be written prior to the article.

2) Keywords must be mentioned below the Abstract.

3)  The  Article should not have been Published  anywhere else.

4)  The  Article should be based on Original Work.

5) The Article can be written in English , Bengali & Hindi.

6) For typing the Bengali & Hindi Papers it is mandatory to use Google Input Tools

[ ] software. The papers which use other softwares for typing will not be accepted.

7) For Reference it is mandatory to use Chicago Citation Style

[ ]. The papers which use other Citation Style  for Reference purpose  will not be accepted.

8) Two copies of the paper saved in  .doc & .pdf Format must be sent to the mentioned e-mail id.

9) The photograph must be Clear & mandatorily  in JPEG format not exceeding Size 4″x4″ in 100 dpi , in case there is any photograph being used in the Article.

10. Authors are responsible for any copy right clearance, factual inaccuracies and opinion expressed in their Articles.

11. Gandharvam is an open access journal.Full texts of all articles published in the journals can be read online 
without any form of restrictions. Those who wish to reproduce any material from the journal must obtain prior permission from the Editor, Gandharvam.

12.In case of copyright violation & plagiarism solely the Author/s will remain responsible & Gandharvam Journal cannot be held responsible and made a party for such cases.