Department of Literature

" Language as a communication tool is the primary element from which Literature is created. Even in pre-literate societies, It exists as songs, riddled, Or epics that are chanted ."    (F. Sionil Jose)

Bengali & English both the subjects were included in B. Music Degree Course since 1976 after being affiliated by Calcutta University & continuing till date. ( Tripura University-affiliated this College in 1987 ). In 2- year B. Mus degree course & later 3- year B.Mus degree course both the Bengali & English were introduced as language subjects. Now in the Credit-based six semester Degree program, English is introduced in B. Mus 1st Sem. as a foundation course & Bengali is introduced in 2nd Sem as Modern Indian Language foundation Course.
3 - year Diploma in Music Course was introduced in 2010. Since then both of the Bengali & English languages were included in 1st year & 2nd year of 3-year D.Mus Course as the Language Subjects.