Physical Facilities available

Sachin Debbarman memorial Govt.Music College has a tight security system with a security guard for 24hours, a big strong grill gate in the front boundary line ie the first entrance of the College, a Collapsible gate in the main entrance & grill gates in the backside. All are kept under lock & key after College hours.

Preamble to the Constitution has been installed in front of the College gate. Site maps of the College are installed in different places of the College. Various Flaxes are installed in the College premises, like awareness regarding Environmental related issues such as a ban on the use of plastic, harvesting rainwater, Conservation of water, etc. Flaxes with the names & contact no. of members of Anti Ragging Committee & Grievance Redressal Cell is installed In the College premises.
Classrooms consist of a whiteboard, Platform, Wallclock, etc. There are also smart classrooms with ICT-enabled tools, WiFi-enabled Recording studio (Music Lab)with modern recording devices.WiFi-enabled library room consists of More than 17 thousand books with separate reading room & CC-Cameras. There is also E -corner for students.
The College provides facilities for Divyangjan students & staffs , such as ---
1) Disabled Friendly Washroom
2) Ramp
3) Wheelchair
4) Restroom ( room no - 6A)
5) P.A system for assistance.
The green campus of the College is very rich. The college promotes bicycles to reduce air & sound pollution. Both sides of the pedestrian’s path are covered with greeneries. A small garden with various flowers & ornamental plants & medicinal garden is on the college premises. Bed of medicinal plants is full of Neem, Alobera, Pathorkunchi, Hari Toki ( Myrobalan), Chirota, Nageshwar, etc. Dustbins are installed both inside & outside of the College for use by the faculties, staff & students. Solar clock, LED lights, are used both outside & inside of the College promises. There are separate Common rooms for boys & girls. Biometric machines are installed in front of the office room ( room no -1) & IQAC room ( room no - 5)